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Eco-Summit 2020

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May 24th
11:00 am EDT
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May 23

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May 24

11:00 am EDT

Beyond Laudato Sí: Franciscan Reflections on Where We Go From Here in Developing an Integral Ecology


Here is What You'll Learn

The Impact of Climate Change and the Urgent Solutions Needed

Time is running out and it's important for all of us to understand what we can do. You'll learn the consequences of climate change, the urgency of the problems, and ways we all can be part of the solutions.

How to do your own Composting and Organic Gardening

We all know that composting helps the environment by keeping organic waste out of landfills. (You did know that, right?) And we also know that organic fruits and vegetables are healthier - and more expensive! So we'll show you how to compost and grow your own food organically. Win-win!

How to choose an EV that meets your needs and helps the environment

If you haven't checked out electric vehicles lately, it's time you look again! They've come a long way since the Prius of 20 years ago. Learn about current options that are right for you and right for the environment.

What's being done to keep nature beautiful close to home

Working in partnership with Prince William County Government, Keep Prince William Beautiful runs programs that are centered on encouraging and educating community members on how to be environmental stewards. Learn what you can do to make Prince William County - or wherever you live - a more clean, green, and beautiful place!

What ecologically friendly products are easily available for your home

Most of us buy the same products out of habit, simply going through the motions at the store. And even though we might try to recycle single-use items, that's simply not enough. We'll show you how to be much more environmentally friendly when you're shopping for non-durable household goods - without breaking the bank!

Why Laudato Si' is 5 years old and more important than ever

As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the promulgation of Pope Francis's encyclical letter, Laudato Sí, we look not only to the document and the past, but also forward to see where we are invited to go in embracing the church's teachings on creation and integral ecology. This presentation will pay particular attention to the ways we, as a Franciscan community, can draw from our rich resources in living Laudato Sí now and in the years to come.

Our Keynote Webinar is with the Franciscan Friar who created a popular YouTube series on the encyclical - and is also an Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology and Spirituality at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago - Fr. Dan Horan, OFM!


Care for Creation, Care for the Poor

The Care for Creation Committee at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Triangle, Virginia, is hosting this free online summit - Eco-Summit 2020 - to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si', the Pope's encyclical on Care for Our Common Home.

The Committee, in accordance with God’s command and our responsibility as a GreenFaith Sanctuary, endeavors to model, educate, and advocate for the moral and faithful stewardship of God’s earth, never forgetting the kinship between all creation and the human person. We strive to promote communities focused on well-being, sustainable living, and waste reduction. We encourage a renewal in the sacramental view of creation, which recognizes that through the gift of creation we may all encounter and grow closer to God.

May 24th
11:00 am EDT